Oil factory "Banat" AD is company for the production of vegetable oils and fats, cake and meal. The factory processed sunflower seeds, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower seeds high olenic type and pumpkin seed.

The product range includes sunflower edible oil known under the brand The Cvet Banata, and assortment of cold freshly squeezed oil. The Banat AD products are oils from seeds of soybean, rapeseed and sunflower seeds high olenic Olivko type, and meal with various percentages of protein.   

With our work we are committed to:

  • Meet the demands of the market and continuous customer satisfaction, quality, health and hygienic correctness of our products.
  • Constant control and supervision, with continuous review and improvement of quality and health safety products.
  • Improvement and expansion of the production to win creative and new product.
  • Take care of existing and new markets with the aim that our brand is leading on the market.
  • Improving, the results of operations by improving the work organization, continuing education and staff training, introduction of new information technologies and reduce production costs.
  • Continuing concern about human health and environmental protection.