Physical refining of vegetable oil factory "Banat" gives a product of exceptional quality: free of harmful trans fatty acid with high content of natural antioxidants, ie. tocopherol to protect oil from oxidation in a living organism and it seems to hold so. CIS form of essential fatty acid that is only effective as such, with a higher content of sterols and carotenoids as natural ingredients with provitamine (by influence of enzymes in the body carotenoid goes into vitamin A) and antioxidant affect. With the physical refining there is no soap and water from the process of their treatment and acid risk for environment.


Fatty acids obtained from the physical refining are much better and cleaner and can be used as a good starting matter for the production of tocopherols, in the chemical industry and in obtaining various non glyceride biologically active products. Losses in physical refining of oil were lower than in the classical alkali refining. Physical refining uses less raw materials and energy, and capital investments are lower than the alkaline refining..