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  Oil Factory Banat doo
  Magazinska bb, Nova Crnja

  Telephone: (023) 815-210
  Fax: (023) 815-150
Mission and vision
an image Work, business success and further development of Oil Factory Banat AD is based on continuous improvement of product quality and safety process.

  • May  2014

    Oil Factory Banat AD Participates this year again in the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

Contracting for the purchase of sunflower and soybean seed crop 2014 is underway. The Oil Factory will again this year purchase oilseeds from entire territory of Serbia Republic.

  • March   2014  

Independent Association of Serbian consumers tested the edible oil, a brand of "Cvet Banata" was awarded the highest mark in the category of edible oil produced in Serbia..


  • March  2011  
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